Monday, April 1, 2013

Avinley's 2nd Birthday

Sweet Avinley Katharine turned two!  
She had a great spring birthday party last weekend and we got to play around and celebrate Avi!

The birthday girl eating her cupcake

Harper REALLY enjoyed her cupcake

Sweet Breken, one of our fav boys. 
(I didn't get a picture of Bane)

During the opening of the presents, Avinley enjoyed every moment.  She really wanted to open the presents and throw away all the trash, so all the other kids wanted to play with her stuff while she was busy.  Finally, Christina sat the kids in front of MMC on her phone.  Brilliant.  That kept them good for the rest of it until food.  

Harper got to enjoy the food.  Katharine had made sure all the food was completely allergy free.  Such a huge thing for us.  Usually she doesn't get to eat the same foods as everyone else!  Then while all the adults cleaned up the room, all the kiddos ran around like crazy.  It was a great birthday party.  

Avi's hair is long enough for a bow!

Harper patting Avi's back

Happy Birthday Avinley!  We love you!

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