Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Sunday Celebration

Easter Sunday was a great day.  Harper is a little too young to understand much, but I really wanted to try and make Easter special.  She had a new dress from KK, which turned out to be too small that morning.  So in the end she wore a dress that we had bought for later on.  She also got a new Easter book, a pop-up - her favorite kind.  We read it Easter morning and she loved it.  She loved it so much she ripped the Risen Jesus off the back page.

We went to church with my parents, took pictures, had breakfast, and an easter egg hunt.  It was a good morning.  Everyone showed up on time and Harper got to play with Reese and Grayson in the nursery.  At the end, Harper got to sit with Eric and Dane and read the bible.  She was pretty funny and thankfully no one cared that she was a distraction.   

Harper climbed up in Brian's lap and tried to convince him that she needed his food.

Poor Reesey missed her nap.

Since it was a little rainy, they had the easter egg hunt inside.  I still remember learning that there was no Easter Bunny because it rained and the aunts and uncles had to hide the eggs inside.  This egg hunt wasn't really a hunt, but they still had fun.  Harper would grab a few eggs and then stop to play with one for awhile.  Grayson just grabbed as many eggs as his basket would hold.   

She has learned to say "cheese" for the camera.

After church, we went to the Polley's and had lunch with the family.  We just keep growing and it's getting big and loud.  But as always, it's fun.  We laughed, argued, watched bad home videos, and ate lots of food.  The kids had another egg hunt and got little baskets from my Aunt Lissa.  

Harper trying to feed Reese, as always.

All of the next generation.

Why is there always a picture of a Eric, a baby, and a beer?

Showing Krissy her belly

Trying to give Grayson hints to some of the last hidden eggs

Saying Goodbye

When we got home, we turned our cross around and remembered that He is risen!  What a fabulous celebration of such a fabulous day.  We are so thankful that we have eternity because Jesus died for us. And we are excited to know that our Savior isn't dead in the ground but alive and in Heaven.  What a glorious day!

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