Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter in Argyle

We had Easter at my parents in Argyle on Saturday evening.  The boys came in town for the KU game on Friday and we all got to hang out all weekend.  We all got to Argyle around 5 to have an Easter egg hunt.  Harper likes the egg hunts, but isn't really concerned with getting lots of eggs.  She just likes to pick one up and open it and show us.  Thankfully she didn't realize that they can candy in them because she can't eat it anyways.  She mostly just watched Grayson hunt because he was a pro.  Then she took all her eggs and found new hiding places for them.  She had fun watching and playing with everyone.  

Harper showing Grayson her new basket

Ready, Set...


Dane was the best egg hunting uncle ever.  Every time they had found all
the eggs, he would steal some of theirs and hide them again so it never ended!

Harper messing with Grayson's basket.  It didn't take him long to figure out 
that she was after his basket and keep it a little closer to him.  


Mimi and Pop

Krissy and Reese

Eric and Erin

Dane and Reese

Reese, Tay and Car

My sweet baby

Isn't she getting so big?  She is such a good baby and has the best chubby cheeks!

Harper loves Reese and talks about her all the time.

Chasing Grayson.  Harper started saying his name this weekend but 
could only get out "Gay-Gay".  

Petting a kitten

She just learned to crawl this weekend.  She'll be getting around quick now.

Before dinner, we were all praying and I saw Grayson grab Harper's hand.  It was so cute that 
grabbed Kristen's camera to snap a pic.  Right as I was doing that (and Dad was praying), we heard Grayson say "You're supposed to close your eyes..."  to Carleigh.  To which Brian replied, "How would you know if your eyes were closed?"  Grayson thought it was so funny!

After dinner and a bath, the cousins got their Easter baskets from Mimi and Pop.  
They got a VeggieTales dvd and a big bubble wand.  

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