Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter isn't about Bunnies

I just got home from Target.  It was late and I could only pick one store, so Target usually ends up being my one stop shop for most things.  I needed to get Harper some tights in case it's cold on Easter morning and a small Easter gift.  I found the Easter section and after much searching, found NOTHING I wanted.  NOTHING about Jesus, God, Resurrection, or the Church.  I know they aren't a Christian company, but nothing?  It was just a little shocking.  It's a religious holiday.  How can America celebrate a religious holiday with no religion?

It reminded me that we live in a place where that is totally normal.  Celebrating holidays about the Savior even when we don't believe in or trust in that same Savior.  I've been thinking a lot about Jesus and this world.  We live in a broken world, a sinful world, a world full of junk.  And people that live in this world are incomplete, they are ashamed of their sin, they are looking for God without knowing it but they are looking for answers in earthly things.  And it breaks my heart when I talk with these people because I know their feeling of unrest.  I know their feelings of sadness.  I know their feelings of unworth.  And it breaks my heart to know that all they need is Jesus, the Restorer of our hearts, the Giver of unbelievable Peace, the Savior of the world.

I remember being in high school and always trying to fill a void in my life with people or parties.  When I was saved my freshman year in college, that hole was suddenly filled, overflowing with love, self assurance, trust, truth, and security.  It still makes me weep to remember how God loved me at my worst, how he came down out of heaven to save my sinful self.  He chose me.  He loved me.  He redeemed me.  He made me new.  And ever since, I've spent every day being completely grateful that He did.

My life isn't perfect, I still sin, life still sucks sometimes.  But at the end of the day, I have peace because I know that Jesus reigns.  He has already won the war.  He will always forgive me.  He will always love me.  He will restore me when I'm broken.  He will pick me up when the world knocks me down.  I have faith in Him.  I trust Him.  He has never let me down.  He is the ultimate friend - one who will never leave nor forsake you.  Can you imagine that?

So as Easter comes this year, I remember all of this and I am left in awe of God.  Of knowing that He chose me over His own Son.  Jesus went to the cross because He loves me.  He died the worst death possible so that I could have the best life possible.  And He rose again 3 days later because He is King of Kings.  He is mighty, sovereign, and good.  He is God.  He is Savior.

So this Easter, I'm hoping that people realize it's not about bunnies like at Target.  But about the Lamb of God.  The sacrificial lamb that was perfect and yet sent to die to save the sinful.  The Easter Lamb that died and yet rose again to sit in Heaven on His throne.  The Easter Lamb that brings redemption for all.  The Easter Lamb that brings eternal life.

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