Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Summer in July

July has been hot but fun.  After Harper's party, I gave Cody 2 full weeks to finally enjoy summer.  He could easy do nothing all day and not get bored.  I don't think he's ever uttered the phrase "I'm bored" in his whole life.  I, on the other hand, am getting antsy.  It's a little too hot to go outside with Harper most days, so we either go shopping/run errands or we play all day inside. 

Going to run errands.  My keys are her FAV.

Sitting in the front is for babies.

Loving the attic ladder.

She has found a new level to her love/hate relationship with Maggie.  She likes to pet (smack) Maggie and chase her around the house.  Her new favorite place is Maggie's dog bed.  She loves to climb on Maggie (while on the bed), who promptly leaves and lets Harper enjoy the space all to herself.  She also has started to try and fake Maggie out while she's eating.  She holds her hand out with food in it and when Maggie gets close, she pulls her hand back and laughs.  Sad for Maggie, but super funny for Harper.  

Since it's summer, we are spending lots of time with family.  Kristi motivated me and we signed up for the 4th of July 5k.  We were a little late getting there, so we ended up running almost a mile just to get to the starting line.  Ugh!  I swear I would have run the whole 5k if it wasn't for that!  Afterwards, we went to breakfast with the fam and the sisters spent the day (and night).  Cody, Taylor and Carleigh went to watch fire works (which are better in person than on youtube, so I'm told) and I enjoyed some time to myself.  The next day we went to Hawaiian Falls.  Harper loved just walking around in the water park.  She is still too little to really enjoy it but she did go down a slide (with help) and climb the play area.  

We have had lots of playdates with friends.  Harper is so cute when she plays with people her size.  She likes to watch them and see how they play and what they do.  Then, she runs to me like, did you see that?  It's definitely good mom time for me, too.  

Playing with Taylor's Ipod.  She is a dancing FOOL now.  She bounces up and down, which I call her "drop it like it's hot" move.  She also waves her hands in the air (copying Taylor) and likes to kick her feet (copying Mickey Mouse in the hot dog dance).  She smiles so big now anytime she hears good dancing music.  

Birthday gift from Jill.  It sings, lights up and moves.  Yes!

We are still trying different things when it comes to Harper.  We gave milk a couple of weeks and she seemed to continue to get fussier with each passing day.  So now we are trying almond milk and she seems to like it.  We are definitely at our wits end trying to switch her to the sippy cup.  She loves her sippy cup, with water or juice in it.  She loves milk, in her bottle.  She absolutely will not drink milk out of her sippy.  We have 14 different sippy cups, we have tried 1/2 milk 1/2 formula, we have tried forcing it.  Nothing has worked.  She ended up going 9 days without drinking anything and got dehydrated.  So, hopefully we can try again next month and she will be ready to switch.  This seems to be a battle that she is winning for now.  For food, there's no worries.  She LOVES food.  She is gonna be such a cute fatty.  It doesn't matter what time it is, this girl will eat.  

First mexican meal at El Chico (beans, tomatoes, tortillas, and guacamole).  She LOVED it.

First taste of spaghetti sauce.  She LOVED it.  

She is playing with tons of toys lately.  She got a new baby doll from Kara for her birthday and carries it around all the time.  She likes to hug it and gives it a big kiss.  Her kisses are full blown, open mouthed, with tongue, and oh so much fun.  She likes to walk around with a bowl and spoon pretending to stir whatever she is cooking.  She likes to walk around with laundry in her hands.  I'm not sure why she does this, but I find bits of clothing all over the house.  Shoes as well.  And she still loves to read books, watch MMC, and always wants our cell phones or remotes.  

Playing in the sprinklers because it's HOT!

Happy Summer!

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  1. she is so cute!!! I love reading your updates :)