Monday, July 2, 2012

Look Whoo's turning ONE!

This little girl is 1 year old!  Time to party!

My friend Ana and her little girl, Ellie.  
They are going to be great friends and roommates for the 
Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2032!

Lily, Amanda, and Lexi

Staci, Me, Lexi

Cory and Jessica

Sisters - Carleigh, Kristen, and Taylor

The McCools

Taylor, Carleigh, Cody
As much as my sisters and my husband love me, I think
they love each other way more!  Cody is the grown kid who
always wants to be crazy with them.

My dad and my Uncle Mike
2 (Not funny) Joke-Telling-Peas-In-A-Pod

Birthday Girl and Mama

Singing Happy Birthday.  
This smash cake was a mess.  I made 3 before I finally gave up and
stuck with this last one.  I tried a "baby friendly" one first.  No good.  
Then, I tried cool whip icing.  Then, I just used a box mix and store frosting.
When her party was 2 1/2 hours away, I just decided that this one was good enough.
It seems like she didn't care because it was sugar!

Still Undecided.

Trying to show her there was cake beneath the icing.

 And 100% sure she loves icing and waving to all her 
fans singing and clapping for her.

Grayson getting some cake.

Harper's admirers.  Quinlan and Tristan both enjoyed taking some swipes of icing.

Taking her to get cleaned up in the water.  

Playing in the water table and getting the icing cleaned off.

Sweet friend Avinley playing in the water.
I asked Katharine where the water had gone because there was none left in 
the tub.  She explained that Avinley had dumped it all down her and it was 
now residing in her very full diaper.  


Tristan, Grayson, Lydia
Playing Cornhole by walking on the boards and putting them directly into the hole.
Poor Lydia wanted to really play and those silly boys wouldn't let her.

Cheesing it up with her friend, Kinsley

Harper and Lexi

Cousins "getting" each other.  So cute!

She got $1 for being 1.

Opening presents.

Taylor and Carleigh 
After the party, they got Cody's bow and arrows and shot down all the balloons.

Who knows?
But after all that work, a little crazy seems about right.

It was such a fun party.  Harper had a great time.  She loved hanging out with all the people her size.  And it was nice to visit with friends and family and be excited to have made it 1 year!  
Happy Birthday sweet Harper girl!

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