Monday, July 2, 2012

Missy Prissy's Birthday Day!

Her party was a success!  And by success, I mean that it was super fun and it's over.  :)
This party has been in the works for about 4 months.  Kristen and I were shopping in February and we found this cute owl table runner that we just knew would be the theme for Harper's party.  And for the last few months, we have been pinning everything girly, pink, or owl related.  I have also been redoing the interior of our house, so I have had major To-Do lists going on in my head.  I meant to finish the house before vacation so that I would have 4 days for the party when we got back.  Not so much.  I pretty much put everything together in 2 days, which was a huge feat.  Thursday was the craft day.  I made her wooden sign, her birthday outfit (yes that took until midnight), her pictures, and put together her banners.  Friday, my sisters and stepmom came over and we made all the food.  And Saturday was spent cleaning and getting the house ready to go.  It was a BUSY 3 days.  Here is Saturday before the party...

Her pre-birthday outfit from our neighbors, the Grahams.  
All birthday girls need more than one outfit!

The table runner that started it all.

Her invitation (created on Etsy)

Food Table

Dessert Table

Drink Table

Birthday Banner
This was made by my friend, Jill, who made it the week before she had her 3rd little girl.  I tried to tell her not to worry, but she is such a go-getter she got it done and it was perfect!  I honestly think I will keep this and put it up every year for one of Harper's birthday traditions.

Monthly Picture Banner

Her Birthday outfit.  
I made a scrap rag tutu out of an owl fabric and some coordinating colors.  
Then sewed a 1 and an owl on her onesie and then made her bow out of the scraps.  I was proud of it because at midnight my sight was going and I just needed to get it done.  

When my family showed up a little before the party, everything was made but nothing was out or ready.  It was mad dash time!  My sister, Kristen, did all the tables and decorations.  My sister Carleigh and stepmom, Kristi, took care of the banners and balloon garland.  My dad did all the outdoor furniture and games (poor guy - it was hot!).  Cody made the barbeque chicken.  And Taylor took care of the baby.  I remember everyone asking where things went and I think I said, just put it anywhere.  It's funny to still find stuff in random drawers.  Plus, there were a few things we were still fixing on the house.  We found moulding we forgot and were hanging a picture collage at noon while Harper napped.  In the end, it got done.  And I don't think anyone found the wet paint we had just finished...

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