Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Ark

We went to an indoor play area called, The Ark, at First Baptist Church of Coppell this week.  It's been 100 degrees and a baby can play inside for only so long before boredom sets in.  So we met our friends, The Hunts, and spent Friday morning playing and hanging out.

Off she goes!

There was a big kid area that we went in, once.  I followed Katharine up there, crawling, ducking, letting 5 year olds push pass me.  We got to the top and slid down the huge slide, which I think Harper enjoyed.  It was fun, but I think I'll let Cody take her next time.

She really enjoyed the little kids area.  It had gym toys to crawl on and puzzles on the walls.  She didn't have much interest in the slide even though that's all her friend Avinley wanted to do.  Sadly, many kids didn't get to slide because Avi was sitting at the bottom.  

All the bigger girls wanted to play with her. 

But eventually Harper wanted to crawl up the ramp into the play area.  So up she went.  She sat there for a bit, taking it all in.  There wasn't much to do.  Crawl from ramp to the slide and back.  But she thoroughly enjoyed doing that.  So while Avinley took up the slide, Harper took up the crawl space.  And us moms just sat and talked about our crazy kids.  

30 minutes later, I realized that she couldn't get down.  She didn't mind it so much, but she was kinda stuck.  I eventually went in after her, up the slide and through the crawl space.  I tried to show her how to sit on her butt and get down, but she just wasn't interested.  Another mom told me that she had to crawl up there to get her little boy when she was 8 months pregnant, and not to worry - even if they fall it's all padded.  So in the end, she had a BLAST and we'll definitely go back next week.  

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