Sunday, July 1, 2012

Focusing on the moment

Usually, I am trying to do 100 things all at once and nothing ever gets my full attention.  I'm trying to feed Harper and clean the kitchen.  I'm trying to play with her and check email.  I'm trying to fold laundry and keep her out of trouble.  It never works good for anyone because I'm over worked and Harper knows that she doesn't really have all of me.

The other night, Cody and I were both in her room and we ended up staying in there for over an hour just playing and hanging out.  It's funny how relaxing it was and how we were both content to just be in the moment for that time.  Harper enjoyed it completely, have both of our attention focused on her.  We played with her kitchen, her books, and she just kept going back and forth between us.  She had a blast.  

It was a nice evening and it just reminded me to stop and be in the moment sometimes.  I will never be able to stop multi-tasking completely.  There is just too much to do.  But I need to try to give Harper my full attention everyday for a while so she knows that she is more important than dishes, laundry, and email.

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