Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing at the Park

We went to the elementary school down the street from our house and played at the park this week.  It was cloudy and not too hot so we actually got to enjoy being outside for the first time in weeks.  This park outing was special for me.  For about a year before we got pregnant, I was ready to have a baby but Cody was not quite there yet.  So I would go running and somehow always end up at the park on my way home.  I would go swing and talk to God.  I would ask Him for guidance, and peace, and to change Cody's mind.  :)  But I would also talk to my sweet baby.  And tell her all the things I was thinking and looking forward to.  So taking her to the park for the first time was very memorable for me.  

She is finally big enough to run around and play on everything.  She went up and down the whole thing multiple times.  She went down all slides (that's not as much fun for now).  She was even able to climb up the rock wall (by herself).  Then, she learned to crawl up the steps and spent the rest of the time there.  Taylor and Carleigh were with us and had as much fun as Harper.  Sadly, we are not between the ages of 5 and 9 (which is who the playground was made for) and we all left injured.  All I know is that when you hit 30, you can't always do the twisty things on the high bars like you could when you were 8.  

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