Monday, June 6, 2016

Grayson is 6!

Grayson turned 6 this year!  I can't believe it.  He is so big, it seems like the days have passed too fast!  He graduates kindergarten in a few days and there are so many things about him that just make me smile.  He is good at sports, all sports, and like, really good.  He is smart, he reads well, he colors like a crazy small artist, and he is funny.  All of this makes him an amazing kid.  He had a party with his friends at Little Ninjas (indoor jump/play area).  Then, Monday of Memorial Day weekend we went to McCool's and celebrated with the Klusman's.  It was party cloudy, so only the guys and kids swam while the girls sat and chatted.  Brian grilled fajitas and we ate lots of chips and salsa.  Taylor and Michaela snapchatted with the girls for awhile and they loved the cool photo effects.  Grayson opened his gifts and got lots of basketball stuff and pool stuff that he loved.  

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