Monday, June 6, 2016

May Showers

May has been back and forth between perfect, beautiful weather and crazy rain.  Not as bad as last year, but also less predictable.  Carleigh was coming to see us one weekend and ended up driving into Sherman just as a tornado was touching down.  She ended up in a real estate office for an hour to wait it out.  Then, Taylor decided to drop in on us as she was driving home from school.  We are so excited to have her home for summer!  She had a great freshman year and she is super excited to live with 4 other girls and her dog next year.

I feel like my girls are growing up way too fast.  Harper finished gymnastics and did a cheer camp with Reagan.  She loved learning her toe touch, her bridge, her back walkover, and stunts.  She was probably the youngest in the group, so she got to be a top flyer and she liked it.  She starts soccer in the fall so we have been practicing and Paige loves to follow us around asking for the ball. And since it's spring, it's been cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons.  Harper has been learning a few new clothing styles to accommodate that.  She makes me laugh!

As we were going through old pictures, I realized that at this age, Harper already knew how to use a spoon. I hadn't even thought about letting Paige start learning yet!  And since I was always busy at mealtimes, I never gave her applesauce or yogurt or anything because she couldn't eat it herself.  So we gave it to her the next morning and she immediately knew how to use it.  She loves applesauce and yogurt now and it gives me more snacks to add in.

Leah turned 3!  She had a Frozen birthday party and she had the best time.  She is getting so big and she is always so sweet and smiley and fun to be around.  Harper had a blast.  Tina had gallbladder surgery the day before and I was super impressed that she was there, poor thing.

Mouse.  Ugh.  I left the door open for 1 minute and it had to have snuck in with the rain.  It took three days to catch it, sneaky creature got some cheese without getting caught twice.  But I finally got the whole pantry cleaned out and it's all good now. 

These two.  We are still in the I love you, I hate you stage.  They argue about toys and sharing some days and can't stop sitting on each other and hugging other days.  They are best friends and want to be with each other all the time.  They love each other more than I thought possible and it's the best watching them grow up together. 

All this baby wants to be is big.  Since she is around her big sister and friends all the time, it's all she wants.  She wants to climb and run and sit in big chairs and do big girl things.  She doesn't want to be held or carried if the others are down walking, playing, or running.  When she does get to do big girl things, she smiles a mile wide.  It makes me laugh and cry all at the same time.

I had been getting headaches every afternoon for a few months.  I figured out they always came after  I was working on the computer and squinting at the screen. So I went to the eye doctor and ended up with glasses.  I only have to wear them part time, when I need them.  I have an astigmatism in one eye and I'm far sided in the other eye.  Not bad with either one, but the glasses help.

Bathtime and naked time happen in our house every night.  Paige gets out and immediately screams for Cody.  She runs out to him naked, and screeches and runs around the kitchen.  Harper joins her and they play tag with Cody for about half an hour.  Eventually Paige pees in the hall and we have to get dressed but it's one of my favorite things they do.

Oh the sock.  Girls night this month was a blast.  We celebrated Baby Haddock #3 with cupcakes and diapers.  A few of us stayed later than normal and were talking when Kari mentioned Joe's sock on the floor in their bathroom that had been there awhile.  I'm not even sure if or when it ever got picked up.  Laurie had the sock take some vacation time and I woke up to the best texts ever.  Love my girls.

My girls are the messiest eaters.  They get it all over them, in their hair, and all over the floor.  Noodles and rice are the worst to pick up off the floor and are both of their favorite dishes.  But I take these pictures and I laugh later because they are usually so happy in them.  My girls LOVE food.

Dogs and cows are Paige's favorite animals.  We woke up to Mr. Scott's cows over here one morning and we spent some time hanging out with them.  Paige loved it!  Harper was just mad that Dixie kept barking at them.  The baby calves with play around, jumping and kicking while Dixie barks.  The older cows are just annoyed and leave.  

Mother's Day 2016

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