Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ancient Ovens

We had dinner with our friends at Ancient Ovens at the beginning of June.  It is a beautiful place in the hill country west of Gainesville (who knew?) in Saint Jo.  We met at Kari's so we could carpool, which was fun because it's not often you get to spend that much time in a car just talking and catching up.  It poured that day and made the evening harder and longer, but still fun.  We rode with Haddocks, Piazzas, and Helms which made for a fun night.  Halfway there, the guys had to pee which was ridiculous because we had only been in the car less than an hour.  But we stopped anyways and grabbed more beer and the other car got kolaches so it was good.  We got to the Arche winery and sat there for an hour.  Then we headed to Ancient Ovens, a wood fired pizza place.  We had to sit inside due to the rain but it was still fun.  We ate spinach dip on sourdough, a pizza buffet, and a chocolate pizza dessert.  We had bought wine from the winery and it was a great, relaxing night.  Jason got sick from all the paint fumes that he inhaled from his cabinets that day.  I ate more pizza than Cody.  Morgan took a shot of Whiskey.  Brian tried to sell us on Michigan.  And we had a great time.  We were the last group to leave and eventually one of the workers had to come out and ask us to leave.  We headed home which turned out to take almost 2 hours.  Someone might have had too much to drink and we had to stop a few times.  One time ended up at McDonalds and Jason bought 10 breakfast sandwiches.  It was a long, hilarious, and crazy ride.

I saw a guy and he looked familiar and suddenly Cody recognized that he had an Argyle shirt on.  It ended up being Trey, Carleigh's prom date.  I snuck my head out the door and yelled his name to be sure.  Then I introduced myself and met his family.  They had been sitting behind us at graduation and were Aggies.  He goes there in the fall.  His dad was hilarious and came in to meet our group and show them pictures of Carleigh and Trey.  He even made Trey and I take a picture together for Carleigh.  Funny encounter. 

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