Monday, June 20, 2016

Carleigh's Grad Party

The Saturday after her graduation, Carleigh had her grad party.  We went to Frisco to get the McCool kids and then headed to Argyle at lunchtime.  We hung out and helped decorate and clean.  The kids played and watched TV and the littles napped.  Well, Ellie napped while Paige cried.  After about an hour of crying, Ellie woke up too and the big kids were bored and grumpy.  To say the least, the bigs were hard to handle because there wasn't much for them to do and they bickered about everything.  Eventually we let them watch a movie and then go play basketball and ride bikes out back.  They had fun and played outside for two hours.  Carleigh got to sit and hang out with her friends.  She made this big outline of the U.S. so they could all take pictures of where they were going.  It's sad she is going so far!  But a few of them are going to Arkansas so she can visit them when she visits Taylor.  Michaela was still in town for the week as well as her friend, Jamie, and Maxine.  A few people from Kristi and Gary's works came, as well as their friends from bible study.  It was fun and the food was good.  We left at bedtime and all the kids slept the whole way home. 

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