Thursday, February 18, 2016

St Luke's and the Superbowl

Cody took off for Paige's birthday because we were all scattered the day after.  Cody took a carry class for his gun license.  He was gone from 8-5 but he had fun.  He knew most of the people and passed his test pretty easily.  Looks like he'll be packin' from now on.  Harper had her Jr Stingerette dance class from 9-3.  So it turned out to be just me and Paige for the day.  We stopped by the gym and then came home to play and drink coffee.  It was so different with just Paige.  It was probably our first time to be together without Cody and Harper for the whole day.  It felt so weird.  It was super quiet, no 4 year old to talk my ear off.  Paige needed a bit more attention because there was no 4 year old to play with her.  But it was so easy - just one baby.  I forgot what it was like to only have one.  After dinner, we had a night out with our friends.  The Hempkins' came and babysat so we could go to the St. Luke's Mardi Gras preschool charity event.  We got to hang out with the Haddock's, Piazza's, Helm's, Spiegel's, Pillow's, Driesselman's, and Evans'.  It is our new group of Denison families and it's the best.  Most of our kids will go to school together at Mayes and they'll all be in school together after that.  We talked and laughed and drank and ate and bid on stuff.  It was a great night!  After getting everything cleaned up, we headed to Byrd and Mike's new bar downtown.  It's a cute, quaint little bar that just opened that day.  We had a great time just talking and hanging out.  Love these girls!  After a very late night and a super early morning with Paige, we went to church and all took naps that afternoon.  That evening we all went to Piazza's to eat and hang out for the Superbowl.  The kids played the whole time so we didn't really have to do anything for them for a few hours.  Harper, Lucy, and Evelyn put on makeup and it was oh so pretty.  Paige stayed with us moms and we all just sat around and snacked and talked about the night before.  It was a fabulous and full weekend.  

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