Thursday, February 18, 2016

Junior Stingerette Camp

Harper and all the girls got to go to the Denison High School Junior Stingerette camp the day after Paige's birthday.  It was from 9-3 on a Saturday and she was super excited.  We kept telling her that she was going to get to have an all day dance class with the girls who get to dance on the football field.  She loves watching them so I knew she was excited.  All her friends went too... Julianne, Tessa, Reagan, Lucy, and Evelyn.  She even got to see her church teacher, Liz, there, whom we all love!  She was with a girl named Jordan and she kept telling me all about her.  I dropped her off and she got put in Jordan's group.  Sadly, all the girls were in different groups, but they still got to see each other.  They played games, like duck duck goose, had snacks, ate chicken nuggets for lunch, and colored.  They learned a dance and practiced their routine.  When I picked her up at 3, we got to see them do their routine a few times.  She looked so big when I dropped her off by herself, but when I saw her out there with all the other big kids, she looked so little!  She did a great job.  She loves to dance but doesn't have the best memory quite yet.  She is great watching Miss Jordan and following her.  Buddy came with me to watch the performance while Serena stayed with Paige napping.  She did such a great job!  When we got in the car, she sat down and I could see her kind of melt into her seat.  She didn't realize that she was so tired!  She hasn't really been anywhere for that long before.  I was super proud of her and she had the best day!  She got a tshirt to wear and a button with her and Miss Jordan.  She gets to perform at halftime of the DHS varsity boys basketball game next and I know she is super excited!

The next Tuesday she got to perform in the DHS Varsity boys basketball game halftime show.  It was supposed to start at 8, but it didn't until almost 9, so she was super tired!  She still did fantastic and we were so proud of her.  She just kept looking at us and smiling so big!  

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