Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I have all these random groups of pictures.  She is just so cute at this age.  She is always smiling and happy and fun.  She plays so well and loves her sister dearly.  This outfit made me laugh because she was supposed to look like a bear or something.  She loved it.  She was even sick this day but you couldn't tell.

This girl.  No fear.  She acts like she is 4 like Harper.  She climbs on anything she can reach.  And as far as I know, no one is teaching her these things, because Harper is always telling her not to do stuff.  She just watches Harper and copies what she does.  This morning, I was sitting in the playroom with her and she just climbed up and sat in the chair.  And a minute or so later, crawled around and stood up in the chair.  Goodness, this girl is gonna be a handful!  She was so proud of herself and did not like being told to get down.

My sweet girl.  She's getting big so fast.  This Sunday we finally put some shoes on her.  Her feet are short so they barely fit in size 2, but they are chubby enough to fit into a size 3.  She doesn't mind the shoes, she even leaves them on.  They just don't stay on her feet long in general.  Love her so much!

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