Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Paige's 1st Birthday Party!

Paige's birthday was special this year.  I can't believe she is one.  We love her but I wish she had stayed a baby a little while longer.  We did the same thing we did for Harper which was to match her 1st birthday to her nursery.  And Cody loved the invite wording because this baby of ours is definitely wild!  I made the invite and it took weeks.  But then I had fun making her decorations.  We did a photo booth with props and her monthly photo banner.  Plus I made her a Happy Birthday banner like Harper got from Jill.  I just want each girl to know they got a few things that are special for them and that let them know we loved celebrating them and their special day.  Since it was her first birthday and she can't really do anything fun yet, we just had a house party.  It was the morning because it was Valentine's weekend so we did breakfast and that was awesome.  We had donuts, pancakes with toppings, muffins, scones and 2 pounds of bacon.  It was so good and it was gone fast!  We also had mimosas and coffee and it was a pretty yummy party.

We were all pretty happy to celebrate Paige.  Harper had been waiting for weeks and this little girl had no idea.  But we love her and we love celebrating her.  She napped just before everyone came over and then didn't even mind the crazy tutu I made her wear.

All the kids played so well that morning.  They were able to make their own party hats and cereal necklaces.  The necklace station was a snack station also and led to some serious dirty floor.  They played inside and ran around like crazies.  There are way more girls than boys but most of the boys just played ball outside.  Harper was so glad to have her friends over, she has missed them while most of them are in school.

Our family all made it.  Even Eric came up from Austin for the week to hang out and work.  He came Friday afternoon and helped me bake all the food, decorate the house, and clean up.  He is the best dish washer around, excluding Gary of course.  Grayson had his first soccer game so McCool's had to leave early but they were still able to make it up.  And Taylor and Carleigh both came over the night before to sleep over.  Being in Denison by 10am would have been hard otherwise on a Saturday.  I love my family and am so thankful I have them!

After awhile, we sang happy birthday to Paige and let her eat her cake.  She wasn't quite sure what to do, but she did attempt to faceplant into it.  When we all laughed, she stopped and looked like she wasn't quite sure what to do.  After that, she just licked some of the icing off her finger and never really ate any of the cake.  I loved the part when all the kids came up to watch her blow out her candle and eat cake.  I love that even though they are all mostly Harper's friends, they still love.  They have all gotten to see her grow up this year and they love their sweet "Baby Paige".  

After cake, we let her run naked for awhile.  She loves being naked.  The kids got to play "Pin the Bow on Paige" and it was pretty comical.  Evelyn went first and "closed her eyes" and pinned it perfectly.  All the rest of the girls had me cover their eyes for them.  They are so cute and it was a fun little game.  They ate some more and most ended up outside playing.  It was a little chilly but by noon the sun was warming up a little.  Of course the cupcake bandits, Harper and Reese were at the food table again.  Reese ended up throwing up on the way home because she was able to sneak a little food from everyone and ate way too much!  

I love these girls!  They are our lifeline up here.  All of our kids are older but every one of them loves Paige so much.  It is wonderful to have this group!  They stayed for a little extra (because we never want to leave!) and opened presents!  Paige wasn't quite sure how to open the wrapped presents but loved tearing into the tissue paper.  At one point, Gary just followed her around stuffing the tissue paper back into her bag as she threw it out.  She loves her presents I'm sure but really has no clue.  She just opened each one, walked around with it for awhile and then opened another.  She did love the clothes and her baby from the Hempkins.  And later, she loved her shopping cart from Haddocks. 

It was a fabulous party.  I was worried about it for a month.  I didn't plan it well because I'm not used to having a birthday to plan so quickly after the holidays.  But it turned out perfect because all of our family and friends were able to make it and that's what matters.  It turned out to be a nice day and it was perfect to spend the morning with family and friends.  And who doesn't love donuts and mimosas on a Saturday morning?  The family stayed to help clean up and I was thankful for the extra hands.  Then we all laid on the couch for a few hours to relax and watch KU basketball.  It was a great day!

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