Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Paige Marie!

Paige turned 1 on Friday, February 5th.  The day before, Thursday, as I went to the gym, it felt so odd that it had been a year since I was headed to the gym and ended up at the hospital instead.  She is so big and beautiful and fun.  I just can't believe that she is 1.  

Cody took the day off so we got to spend the whole day together.  Paige got up early so we played in the play room until everyone else was up.  Then, we went to breakfast at the Gourmet Waffle, which is owned by the same ladies that catered our wedding.  It was seriously good.  Their waffle was big and thick and the perfect crispy outside and chewy inside.  It's been awhile since we got to have a good breakfast so it was nice.  Afterwards, we headed to the doctors office to have Paige's well check and get Harper's allergy shots.  It did not go well...  Both girls screamed like banchees when they got their shots.  

Afterwards, we headed home and had lunch and naps.  We had a fun afternoon just hanging out and playing.  We got to facetime with the Gatlin bros which was a huge bonus.  And after an early dinner, we sang happy birthday and she got to have her first cupcake.  She ate every bit of icing off the top and then stopped.  Harper got one too and did the exact same thing.  Those two are crazy together.  

It was a great day and I'm so thankful that Paige makes us 4.  
We love you Paige Marie!

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