Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January Update

January didn't have any major events, but it was super busy!  We did lots of fun things, and hung outside a lot since the weather was beautiful more than usual.  I learned to french braid.  I had always known how, but I wasn't good at it.  So I kept practicing and it's getting much better.  Paige climbs on everything.  Even if there is just something small to stand on, she will.  She likes to live on the edge.  She got a cozy coupe car for Christmas and Harper pushes her around in it.  And every now and then, Harper stands in the back while Paige rides it.  I guess that looked fun so Paige just climbed on up and was standing in the back of the car when I found her.  I knew I had to take a picture to show Cody but as I did, she lost her balance and fell backwards out of the trunk.  She landed on her butt but then smacked her head.  It was rough.  I wish I could say she learned her lesson, but I don't think she did.  

Cody made us a fabulous brisket and it was yummy.  I think our family eats a lot of barbeque.  The girls love it and I know Cody enjoys doing it.  It has been our new years tradition since we got married but we were a few days later this year because of the wedding.

Paige is mostly just eating what we are eating now.  She loves real people food.  She still likes all the same stuff, but loves that it all gets mixed together now too.  

We got to visit my family one Thursday.  We had tons of returns to do from Christmas so we did those in the morning and then shopped with my mom for lunch and went to my parents for dinner.  We have missed our trips to visit family and friends.  Taylor was still home for Christmas break so it was fun to get to hang out with her a few times too.  We went down and would just sit and talk for hours during the afternoon.  Love spending time with my seesters.

Harper is still loving preschool, when her crazy mom finds the time for it.  She learned how to add this month.  We started by counting on our fingers and will move on from there.  She also has been doing so well as her rhyming words and CVC family words.  So we got out the hooked on phonics stuff and she totally read a book!  She did so good.  I was seriously impressed.  She read Cat, Rat, and Pig Wig.  She was proud of herself too!  (She definitely didn't understand what the cassette tape was for...haha!)  She made a few crafts including a custom made poster of T. Swift's acitivities from the last People magazine.  Plus she finally got to make her perler beads that she got for Christmas.  It was a bit frustrating at first, but she liked it when she got help and wasn't so overwhelming.

Paige is everywhere these days.  So curious and wanting to know and see what everyone else is doing. She still is always following Harper around and loves to chase her around the house.  She loves books like Harper and loves to destroy her bookcase even more.  She can stand there for a good 20 minutes just taking books out to look at.  She is finally standing and doing so good!  She did it first in the bath, not sure why.  But every night for a week, we would praise her for standing and she would shake her hands and laugh.  The girls do good in the bath together.  But sadly this month, Paige has pooped in the tub 4 times.  I hate cleaning poop out of the tub (I'm sure everyone does).  Sometimes I can catch it in her diaper but sometimes she's sneaky.  After bath is one of the most fun times of the day.  The girls run wild in their pj's and are usually in great moods.  Paige has been holding our hands and walking around and this one night she decided to hold onto Harper and walk around with her.  Of course Harper was "reading aloud from the bible" and they walked about 5 circles around the kitchen that way.  It was hysterical.  

Life is good with these two.  They are crazy eaters and could eat us out of house and home.  Paige has been obsessed with berries and Harper wants anything with sugar.  We had dinner at TC one night Paige entertained everyone near us.  She is so happy, even with strangers.  And her just sitting in the high chair like a big girl made me tear up.  She's so big!  We also got to talk to the Gatlin's finally.  It's been a crazy, busy season for them and us, but we got to sing Caleb happy birthday and see those sweet boys.  I got a text from Kristen that Ellie was standing.  I was shocked!  She seemed so small at Christmas but she is getting big fast.  We also got to visit sweet newborn baby Laura.  Staci had her just before Christmas and we hadn't gotten to see her yet.  But at the beginning of January we had an appointment in Dallas, so we stopped by on our way and visited them.  They were doing ok, she wasn't sleeping much but it was only 2 weeks in and those are such hard weeks.  Sweet girl is beautiful and I was just happy to hold another tiny baby again. Also, it looks like we have rats, but that's just Paige.  She chews on everything!

One Saturday towards the end of January, we had the best day.  We had nothing planned and we just did all the little things that we hadn't gotten around to in awhile.  It was beautiful outside and the best day.  I got to have coffee and bible study time with Paige while Cody took Harper to get donuts.  Then P napped while we all went outside and cleaned out the cars.  They were horrendous.  It took us both 3 hours to get them done.  But they are beautiful now!  After that, I went for a run and Cody and Harper went for a 4wheeler ride.  It was the best family day.

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