Saturday, January 16, 2016

Christmas Week

Christmas fell on a a Friday this year, which meant that Cody got off the Friday before and had a whole week to hang out and do fun Christmas stuff.  We did Loy Lake Holiday Lights and Christmas shopping and cookies.  The last day of school, after dinner, we got a huge surprise.  Taylor walked in and had a surprise slumber party.  She was on her way home from Arkansas and we were so excited to see her!  Eric was also in town for the week so he came to hang out with us for a day.  He got in town on Tuesday afternoon and we played outside in the 70 degree weather.  Wednesday we headed to Frisco to hang out with the McCool's and the little sisters.  Harper got her allergy shots in the morning and then we went to McCool's to have lunch, nap, and play.  The kids played well and the adults got to hang out.  It's nice to spend time with my siblings just talking and relaxing with no holiday stress.  After naptime, we went to Top Golf to let the guys hit a few balls.  I knew it would be a bit rough, but it turned out ok.  Thankfully with Taylor and Carleigh, there are lots more hands to help with the kids.  Harper and Reese played around and then ate all the food Brian ordered.  Paige wanted up, down, on the couch, walking around the table.  I finally figured out that she just needed to be seatbelted down with some food, so we got her a highchair and some fries.  She was happy for the rest of the time.  It was fun to watch the guys hit golf balls.  Taylor and Carleigh hit a few and were hilarious to watch.  And Dane got there just in time to hang out for a few minutes before we all headed back to Kristen's.  We took baths, got in Christmas PJ's, and had a snack.  We left in time for Paige to sleep the whole way home and Harper to watch a movie.

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