Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning, I woke up and immediately praised Jesus for sleep!  Both girls had slept until 7 (Paige had woken up a few times but put her self back to sleep - yay!).  It meant we were super late getting started, but it was worth it.  We grabbed quick showers and when Harper was ready, we went out to the living room to see if Santa had come.  She was super excited to see he had brought her the Frozen Fever dolls she had asked for.  Santa also brought Paige a busy board that will keep her entertained for hours.  Santa had spent about 12 hours working on it and it was a task but it turned out great!  Some of the pieces were from Bill's workshop and make it even cooler.  While the girls played with their toys, Cody made breakfast and I made our foods for lunch.  We had our Happy Birthday Jesus breakfast.  Harper got pancakes with sprinkles on them which is always more fun!  We read about Jesus' birth and sang Happy Birthday and blew out candles.  It's my favorite part of Christmas!  The Hempkins' came over for breakfast after that so they could hang out and see the girls with their santa gifts.  The Helm's came over also to show us Benton's new go-cart.  The kids had so much fun telling each other what they got for Christmas.  It was so cute to see their excitement.  

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