Tuesday, January 26, 2016

11 1/2 months!

We are two weeks into January and 2 weeks away from Paige turning 12 months old!  She has learned so many new tricks in the last two weeks that I had to mark it down.

She got two new teeth.  She got her top two front teeth, one the first week and one the second week of January.  She also was able to feed herself a squeezy pouch, which is a joy for this momma! She also learned to stand up the first week of January.  We had been trying for awhile to get her to, but she would always just kneel down immediately.  Suddenly, she was in the bath one night and she just stood there, for a good 5 seconds.  And each night after that she would stand longer and longer.  Then, the second week of January, she took a step.  She didn't know she did, but she was just far enough from me, that she walked one step.  So each day after that, she would take one or two steps but no more.  And finally, the third week of January she wasn't paying attention and just walked.  A good 4 steps and we were all watching and so proud of her!  So we did that for a few days. And then, one night, she walked to Harper and didn't fall.  So she turned around and walked back.  It turned into about 8 steps.  I just can't believe she's a walker!  She won't really walk, she still wants to crawl or hold a finger to walk around.  She just keeps amazing me with how big she is getting.  My sweet little baby is almost not a baby anymore!


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