Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas Lunch

After Christmas morning at home, we headed to Frisco for lunch with the Klusman's.  We all got there and just enjoyed the morning.  Lunch was yummy and then we took our annual Christmas photo and sibling selfie since it's the only time of year that we are all together.  It was such a fun day.  The kids played so well together.  We got to hang out with all 7 siblings in the same room.  

After lunch, we opened presents.  The kids loved everything they got.  Harper gave Grayson a TMNT frisbee and Reese some baby blankets.  Both were so happy that they immediately hid and wouldn't show us a smile.  That's the best!  Harper got some beads to craft with from them and was so excited she wanted to open them immediately.  She got Frozen Legos from Mimi and Pop and pretend makeup from Taylor, Carleigh and Michaela which she loved all of!  She is so easy to buy for - anything girly or Frozen and she is in love.  My dad got a new tent since his busted this fall.  Most of the rest was books, jewelry and clothes.  

Some of the best presents... Taylor made pictures for all of us.  I got a family portrait and it is perfect.  It even has Harper's braid, Cody's beard, and my smirk.  I also got little book with 40 reasons why I'm so hot.  Taylor, Carleigh, and Michaela spent awhile thinking of all the amazing and wonderful ways why I'm so hot.  My butt.  My love of Twilight.  My babies.  Awesomeness.  My last surprise gift was a book from Kristen called "Go the F to sleep."  I'm not a big curse word person but this month has been horrid and my girls have not been sleeping.  I just can't handle no sleep, I'm not a nice person!  As bad as this book sounds, it is hilarious!  And it's nice to know that other parents just want their kids to sleep too!

It was a fabulous day.  We had a great time and everyone opened something fun and crazy.  We get along so well and it makes Christmas so memorable and wonderful.  

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