Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Home Group

We are so lucky that we found our home group.  This group of people has become our new little family up here.  We love them so much, all their kids, and all the crazy things we talk about on Sunday nights.  Harper and Camilla seriously love each other, and also sometimes have major problems sharing.  But they love to play together and watch shows on the iPad and run around the house.  Harper also loves the boys, Nolan, Brennan, Hudson, and Peyton.  When they are all together, they are a crazy, chaotic mess.  We finally got a babysitter for bible studies this fall and it has been great for all of us to just sit and relax and enjoy our time.  We have also started eating dinner together after our study.  We always sat around after and talked anyways, now we just get to break bread together and enjoy even more time.  It's been fun seeing what everyone eats/cooks and it has added so much fun.  Marcus and all the kids are so awesome.  He acts like he doesn't like them but he really does, and they seriously love him right back.  Baby Anna should be here any day and then Clementine will have a friend to play with (and Harper and Camilla won't have to fight over the baby anymore!).  

These people are so wonderful.  They love us and pray for us and it's been such a great joy getting to know them.  We have girls nights once a month and that time is so precious.  It might be a dinner that lasts for hours, but it is so fun and there are so many jokes and stories that come out of it.  So thankful that God guided us to this church and this group!

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