Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Play Group with Apples

For our fall play group, we decided to have an Apple themed day.  We read a book about fall and talked about how apples are a big part of fall weather.  They did a short craft with tissue paper apples and coloring.  Afterwards, the kids all got an apple to go outside and see how the apple rolled down the slide.   That was fun for the boys to get to crawl up the play area and throw apples.  Except that James wanted nothing to do with letting go of his apple, he was too busy eating it.  They all jumped on the trampoline or a bit and then we decided to have lunch.  All the kids sat around and had PBJ sandwiches and applesauce and chips.  They are so easy, it makes playdates so much more fun.  The moms at some food too, and we all just sat around and talked, checking in on the kids in the play room every now and then.  I had this plan to dip apples in caramel sauce for dessert and let the kids have fun making a creative dessert.  The other moms intelligently thought the boiling caramel might not be a good idea for the kids, so we just made it and the kids had dessert after.  They had a great time and enjoyed just playing and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

After everyone had left, I got two "awesome" surprises.  When Harper was finishing her apple worksheet, she grabbed two permanent markers to color just a little more.  Sadly, it bled through and my kitchen table needs a new paint job.  It kinda needed it anyways, so I guess I have a new project to do next summer.  We also found this toy in the play room and it was oddly dripping.  It was this nasty smelling, gooey, brown liquid.  I couldn't figure out what it was, especially since Harper only drinks water.  So I put it aside and totally forgot about it.  A week later, I saw the toy and investigated.  It turns out Harper had stuck a pear in the toy awhile ago and it had fermented, melted, rotted, and gotten nasty.  I took it out and washed it and set it outside for awhile to see if the smell went away.  It might just be trash.  I did send both pictures to the group to see if they 1. could name the fruit decomposing in the toy and 2. if they knew if their kid had used the permanent marker.  I got a plum, an apple, and a pear for the first one, and a few scared "I hope it wasn't my kid" replies on the second.  I love out group and it was fun to play a little joke on them.  But it was a great day, and our next few playdates will all be holiday themed ones, so that will be exciting!

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