Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Family Day at the Pumpkin Patch

After the soccer game, we had a quick bite to eat and headed to the Celina Pumpkin Patch.  All three kids were so excited.  We begged for a few family pictures first and got a few good ones.  It took way too long and the kids were seriously done.  

Each of us got a cup of goat feed, which means that the three kids each got 3 cups each.  Which was way too much because Reese wanted nothing to do with the goats.  Harper was scared at first, and just kept trying to give them the cup, but eventually I got her to hold the food out in her hand.  She kept giggling about them tickling her hand.  

We decided to ride the barrel train next and got in line.  After about 20 minutes of not moving, we decided to let the kids run around and play and left the dads to stand in line.  It took almost an hour, but the kids got to ride and had such a good time.  Harper rode without crying for the first time and Reesey got to ride with Mimi.  

After the train rides, we headed to the hay bale maze.  This is such a fun thing for them, they love running around this thing.  Grayson figured it out pretty quickly and ran through a few extra times.  Harper and Reese just ran through it looking for Grayson.  Reese calls him "A-SON" and it was so cute to watch him yelling after him all afternoon.  

We stopped by the sheep on the way to the hay ride.  They are seriously hungry and would crawl out of the cage if they could.  They were way more fun than the goats too.  We took a hay ride and the kids all sat around and enjoyed resting for a bit.  The McCool's showed us how they all do the elephant sound and it was hilarious.  And Grayson kept telling Pop all about Farmer Joe's story.

The last thing each of the kids got to do was pick out a pumpkin.  They were in heaven with all the pumpkins lined up in a row.  They kept picking them up and dropping them, and one of Grayson's exploded because it was rotted.  But they eventually wandered to the farthest aisle and each picked a pumpkin.  They were so happy to find the perfect one for them.  

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