Monday, November 3, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

We bought pumpkins at the beginning of October because we were so excited about the new fall season.  We let them sit outside for two weeks so that every time we came or went, Harper got so excited to see them.  I soon figured out we had bought them too early and we would have to carve them quickly so that they wouldn't go bad.  So we decided to carve them one day after school.  Harper was super excited to make the face.  She drew the face on both pumpkins, and Cody did his best to make it work.  Harper wanted nothing to do with the cleaning out of the guts and seeds, so I did most of that and she watched.  She got to help carve the second pumpkin and she did a great job!  Afterwards, we got to put one inside and one outside, and she picked Cody's as the best.  

After only three days, the pumpkins started to mold.  So I kept them as long as I could and then had to finally have Cody take them out.  They were discussing!  Cody liked that because he got to teach Harper about "punkin chunkin".  They took them on the 4wheeler and threw them somewhere out in the pasture.  Harper kept telling me about how cool it was that the pumpkins went smash, so it seems like the pumpkins were a success from start to finish!

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