Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Family Day

The last Saturday in October, we got together to celebrate Carleigh's birthday (from the beginning of October).  We wanted to get out and do something, so we decided to go to Grayson's soccer game, have a quick lunch, and go to the pumpkin patch.  Yes, although it was Carleigh's birthday, the kids usually take precedence.  It was a noon game and it was beautiful outside, I think the last weekend of nice fall weather. 

Grayson did great at his last soccer game.  He is so cute out there in his little uniform.  He plays really well on defense and loves to stay back and make sure no one gets close to his goal.  He did great on offense too and we got to see him score the last goal!  When he isn't playing, he stands on the sidelines and watches the game, kicks the ball around with Reesey, or constantly asks his dad when he gets to play next.  This kid loves sports!

Reese and Harper played really well.  They loved having all the grandparents there and Taylor and Carleigh.  Harper showed Reese her new dances and Reese learned the steps pretty well.  It was hilarious to watch them dancing around.  They get along pretty well, sometimes fighting over toys, but otherwise they love playing each other and being close.  Taylor and Carleigh sat on the ground and played with the girls and braided Harper's hair so they all just sat and watched the game for a bit. 

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