Friday, November 15, 2013

San Antonio Day 2

On Saturday, we pretty much did a repeat of Friday.  Cody went to his conference pretty early so we played in the room for a bit.  We were supposed to have breakfast with my old roommate, Stephanie, who moved to San Antonio a year or so ago and we hadn't gotten to see in awhile.  However, she texted pretty early to let me know she was in labor!  Yay!  So, instead we spent the morning walking around and enjoyed the hotel's heated pool.  She was so excited when I told her we could swim - she has missed swimming so much since summer ended.  So we got her suit on and headed in.  I randomly forgot my suit, so she swam by herself near the water's edge and steps.  She had a blast, jumping off the stairs and swimming back and forth.  The pool was warm but the air was a chilly 60 degrees with no sun.  So when it was time to get out, she was suddenly miserable.  It took me awhile to get her warmed up and her crying stopped. 

We went to Sea World again with our passes and it was a beautiful fall day.  We didn't take the stroller this time because they don't let you take it with you to any of the shows, so I was just annoyed to spend a lot of the afternoon dealing with the stroller parking lots.  I really thought she would run around and enjoy the day, but I pretty much carried her for most of the afternoon.  We still went to all her favorite shows, the dogs, beluga whales, Shamu, and Elmo.  But we spent a large part of the afternoon doing new stuff - visiting the animals and watching them in their homes.  We watched the sea lions swim and play and sleep in the sun.  They act just like little puppies - it was so cute.  We saw otters, dolphins, alligators, ducks, flamingos, and the penguins.  She loves animals and had a blast watching them - of course she wanted to go play with them.  She also got to ride the kiddie train and we "trick or treated" with some people dressed in sea life costumes.  She wanted the snack but nothing to do with the crazy people dressed up.  She had a great time and I know she enjoyed all the animals.  

We missed naptime again because it didn't open till noon.  So when we got in the car at 4, she totally crashed.  She slept the whole way home and for about an hour with me in the hotel room.  Cody napped for a bit with her while I watched tv and then I finally woke them both up so we could go to dinner.  We headed to the river walk again for dinner.  It was the weekend before Halloween so they had a halloween parade on the river with floats and tons of people dressed up in costumes.  It was fun and kept Harper entertained all night.  She did keep us on our toes on the riverwalk because all she wanted to do was walk on the edge and see the water.  A little nerve-wracking.  But all in all, it was a great evening just hanging out and enjoying a beautiful night out.  

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