Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trick or Treating!

Trick or treating was super fun this year.  She is old enough to know what to do but still sweet enough to want her mom and dad to go with her.  She loves her pumpkin bucket.  She walked around for a week "trick or treating" random stuff from our house.  We made her costume again this year.  It seemed cute and girly and country.  Her favorite part of her outfit was the headband of feathers - she loved it!  

Before we went to town, we went over to the Hempkins' to trick or treat.  They had a gift bag of non-candy items, which was so nice since she can't eat most candy.  She got a little purse, some glow sticks, and a blanket that Serena knitted her.  She was super excited.

We decided to go downtown with the cousins (Spiegel's) and our new friends, the John's.  Julianne was a DHS cheerleader, Rylan and Caycen were superheros, and Tessa was a cowgirl.  Harper had a blast walking up and down Main St. getting candy from the vendors.  There were a ton of people and lots of cute costumes.  Harper finally got a sucker and that was about all she wanted for the rest of the night.  

After walking around downtown, we went to the Spiegel's to go to a few houses.  We went down a street and ended up at their neighbor's house.  It is their sweet friends that always have food and snacks and drinks.  We went in and relaxed for awhile while the kids had some food.  After that, we stayed at the cousins for just a little while to pass out candy and visit.  We headed home around bedtime and we were all exhausted.  By the end of the night, Harper had taken off her tutu and her headband was covering her eyes, but I think she had a great time!

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