Saturday, November 23, 2013

October Days

October was a fun month.  We played outside alot, went to the park, and had lots of playdates.  Harper is getting so big.  She loves to slide by herself at the park and she runs everywhere.  She climbs on everything at home, or finds a chair or stool to slide over to climb.  She loves hanging out in the pasture with Cody, walking around or getting stuff from the barns.  She has also gotten into some sports lately. Cody bought her a soccer ball when she gave up her paci last month.  We let her pick the color and she must have picked 15 different colors before finally choosing neon green.  We also visited Sandy Point with Buddy and Serena one last time before it got too cold.  I somehow forgot her suit bottoms so she played in a diaper, a swim shirt, and rain boots.  She and Cody walk all along the beach getting shells and looking at fish.  Obviously, Cody likes to play outside too, so they are 2 peas in a pod.  (Baseball picture - we told her squat down like a baseball catcher and she did and then was confused because that usually means she is peeing, but she wasn't, so she had to look under there and check.  Haha!)

She does so good playing with her toys at home.  Some are old toys that she rediscovers, some are new.  I love that she can play with others and also plays so well independently.  She is getting really good at her 4wheeler.  She goes round and round.  She also got a new horse from KK and loves it.  KK is a little obsessed with horses, so they will have fun doing that together.  She has also definitely gotten into dress up lately.  She has never done it a lot by herself, mostly only when friends are over.  But we dressed up a lot for Halloween and I think it got her excited to dress up even at home.  Her other favorite thing to play is dolls.  She has a favorite doll that she sleeps with, but she just found her 2 cabbage patch dolls that came with clothes, accessories, have hair, and shoes.  She seems to think their clothes fit her too, because sometimes she walks around in the doll shoes on her tippy toes.  

We have been doing lots of fun stuff for preschool lately.  We are doing more paper crafts, with paints and glue.  She loves glue - but has no idea when enough is enough so it's not as often.  Painting is still a major favorite.  This week we have gotten into working on fine motor skills with silverware, scissors, etc.  She had a ton of fun playing with rice the other day.  I really should just get her rice for Christmas.  

Harper is a total fashionista now.  She LOVES clothes.  She thinks they are cool, beautiful, awesome, and cute, and will you tell you over and over.  She carries new clothes around the house and accessorizes.  In the mornings, she likes to pick out shirts for me to wear and tell me how pretty I will look in them.  She got some skinny jeans for winter and she looks so stinking cute in them.  In general, she is just cute but she is also just growing up too fast!  What is it about jeans that make toddlers look like kids?  This month was Breast Cancer awareness month, which was fitting because our dear friend, Jeanne Bradley (Ben's mom) passed away from breast cancer.  She was a fabulous mom to all of Cody and their friends growing up and she will be missed.  So, at the last game in October, all of Denison wore pink to show their support.  And of course we wore our new A&M dress from Charla (Cody's work friend) and watched them play all month.  It's been an up and down year for us with Johnny Manziel.  We just want them to win so badly!

We got to hang with some fun people this month.  We met Kara down in Carrollton for an afternoon visit.  It's about halfway, so it was fun for both of us.  We had lots of playdates with the Spiegels, going to the library, dressing up in costumes, and playing at each other's houses.  We drove to Dallas a few times to play with family and sisters.  It's been so good for us to have the ability to go wherever and whenever.  Love it.  

This month started some pretty big sicknesses for us.  She was really fussy one morning and was crying alot.  About 30 minutes later, she spiked a fever and threw up.  After throwing up a couple more times, I took her to the dr and she had a double ear infection.  She was so tired, she slept through most of the doctor's examination.  It turned out to be Serena's doctor from forever ago - he really was pretty old.  So funny how everyone in a small town really knows everyone.  She got better pretty quick, so I was extremely grateful!

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