Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

We got a few pumpkins this year so Harper could have fun decorating our house for fall.  We put all our holiday decor in the barn and somehow, I have yet to find and unpack the fall decorations.  Harper spent a few days painting some of the pumpkins and still had a few left to carve.  The week of Halloween, we got it all ready after nap so we could carve when Cody got home from work.  Harper was all about it until we cut the top off and she saw what was inside.  She wouldn't touch any of it, and tried to scoop it out with a spoon without getting dirty - which didn't happen.  So eventually, I just scooped it all out myself while she watched.  Cody drew a smiley jack-o-lantern and set about cutting it out.  It took a little longer than Harper planned on, so she left him to it while she played around.  In the end, she thought it was cool and liked the candles inside.  But within a few days, she just kept telling us that the pumpkin was scary.  So out he went, and that was the end of pumpkins at our house.  

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