Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Great Outdoors

The weekend of October 19th we went camping on Lake Lewisville with my parents.  We love camping and thought it would be easier to entertain Harper with the extra hands.  We camped at Hickory Creek Friday through Sunday.  We were surrounded by trees and the lake but it was only 10 minutes away so it was a great combination.  We had lots of good food and ate smores every night.  It was just a great weekend to get away and forget about dishes, laundry, and the day to day life.  

Harper slept ok in the camper.  She woke up the first night but slept really good the second night.  I always feel bad that Harper goes to sleep at 7:30 pm and everyone has to be quiet, but they were really good about it.  It was about 40 degrees when we woke up Saturday morning and Cody and I almost froze that night.  But it turned out to be a gorgeous day and we enjoyed every minute of being outside.  

Cody got the boat Saturday morning and took my dad fishing.  They caught some stripers and seemed to enjoy being out on the lake.  Taylor and Carleigh had their friends Maddy and Gentry camping with us, so they hung out, went for long walks, scared the other campers, and ate tons of junk food.  Kristi and I just hung out the whole weekend.  I bet we both could have taken a few more naps and done a little more of nothing.

Both mornings were absolutely beautiful.  Since Saturday morning was cold, we bundled up and walked to the common building (such memories!).  Both mornings, Harper enjoyed wandering around and seeing all the people and their dogs.  Then we would walk the dogs along the beach and watch the sunrise.  Harper loved watching Piper and Pumpkin chase sticks into the lake.  I will admit that Pumpkin "went" in the lake, but they added a lot of entertainment for Harper girl.  

Morning walk to the restrooms

Exploring the campgrounds all bundled up

Watching the sunrise

Throwing sticks to Piper and Pumpkin on the beach

Hanging out with the big girls
They made her an honorary Nature Girl

Riding bikes with Dad
I was totally against this, but it happened anyway and was fine

She fell asleep 5 minutes after we left, which stunk because we were 
home 5 minutes later and she was grumpy

It was a great weekend.  We enjoyed getting away and relaxing.  And Harper loved being outside the whole time.  We will have to do it again next year!

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