Thursday, November 15, 2012

Celebrating the life of Ms Vicki

This past week, Cody got a call that his grandmother was in the hospital.  We went to see her, and it was hard.  Not knowing if someone is going to make it or not.  It's a confusing thing.  She was sedated for the pain, but for a small window of time, she came out of the sedation.  In that 2 minute window, Cody and I got to tell her we were there, praying for her, loving her, and wishing her well.  I treasure that 1 minute conversation with her, as it was our last.  We were told the next day that she was on the mend, but she passed away that night.  What a roller coaster of emotion.  To want to keep her with us and enjoy her for a little longer.  To want her to get to meet her Creator and Savior and start her eternity in Heaven.  Such a war going on inside.

Victoria Elizabeth Hempkins, aka Miss Vicki, aka Nana, was a phenomenal woman.  She was kind, loving, always ready with food or candy and a conversation about the news.  She saw more in her life than I think I ever will.  And today, Nov 15, 2012, she would have turned 93.  I sit and think of all she did in her life, of all she accomplished, of all she saw; and I am overwhelmed.

Her funeral was Sunday and it was a beautiful tribute to who she was on this Earth.  While she was here, her ministry was writing cards.  For birthdays, sicknesses, anniversaries, sympathies, etc.  She was always writing cards to friends, family, church members, anyone who needed an encouraging word.  Sometimes she included a poem, sometimes a bookmark, but always a little love and a prayer that they would be blessed.  On Sunday, any who had been blessed by Nana's ministry and had received a card from her, were asked to raise their hands. As I glanced around, my eyes filled with tears because almost every hand was up.  What a servant.  Sweet Nana had loved on, prayed for, and served all these people with an encouraging note and her time.  That legend will live on and for that, I am honored to know her.

The funeral was hard.  I haven't dealt with death much in my life, and even less since I have become a christian.  For the first time, I 100% believe that Nana is in Heaven, dancing with her Savior, worshiping her Creator.  She is in a place of joy with no tears and no pain.  When I think of all that she has gained in death, I am grateful that she is there.  But I miss her, I know my husband wishes she were still here.  We will think of her often, wishing we could talk to her one more time or that she could see Harper once more.  It's such a war of emotions that I'm sure only time can fix.  But as sad as we are, we are grateful for her life and grateful for the promise that we will see her again in Heaven.

So Happy Birthday Nana, we love you!  We will continue to tell Harper about you, her sweet namesake.  We will always think of you when we eat jelly beans.  And we will try to bless others as you did when you were here.  Thank you for raising your family to know Jesus as you lived a life that followed Him every day.

Nana meeting Harper for the first time 
July 2011

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  1. How precious. AJ, thank you for such a heartfelt tribute to Nana! This completely blessed me & soothed my aching heart today. Even though we were so blessed to have had her almost 93 years, I still feel like I need her so much. It all happened so fast. I am also torn by rejoicing for her & devastated for us. She left quite a legacy with her life of witness, love for Jesus & faithful devotion to her family. I
    know she's thrilled to be with Papa, her family & our Savior. This was such a special way to celebrate her
    birthday, thank you for sharing this.
    Love you three!