Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween #2

Harper had a fabulous Halloween this year.  We spent the day at home just hanging out.  Our friends, The Hunts, came over to say hi, and we spent the whole day in pj's.  Since she was Minnie Mouse for Halloween, I let her wear her new Minnie Mouse pj's that day so she could "get into character".  

We went with our neighbors, The Graham's, to the Highland Village Festival down the road.  It was fun to check it out but pretty small.  Harper had a great time though.  She loves hanging out with Taylor and Kipton from next door. And they always do a great job of holding her hand, showing her what to do, and always talking to her about what's going on.  She absolutely loved being outside, running around, and seeing all the different kids in their costumes.  We played a few games, took pictures, and saw the fire truck.

Taylor the Princess, Kipton the fireman, and Harper as Minnie Mouse

All holding hands, so cute!

Hanging with Dad

She loved carrying around her pumpkin

Trying to figure out what that man had put in her pumpkin

Baseball game for candy

Her first tattoo (a black cat)

Driving the fire truck

Right after this, the firemen got a call and the kids got to see them in action

After the festival, we went trick or treating around the neighborhood to some friends that we know.  Kipton and Taylor showed Harper how to hold out her hand and her pumpkin to get candy.  And by the end of the night, she was stealing candy from anyone she could.  Sadly, she didn't eat any of the candy, but she at least got some fruit snacks.  She had a great night and we loved every minute of it!

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