Sunday, November 4, 2012

Family Dinners

We had two family dinners this week.  My sister is so good at taking pictures of the cousins, so I just stole all her pictures off her blog.  :)

We had dinner at Kristen's on Sunday night with my Mom and Mark.  I went over early to help around the house and Cody brought Harper after her nap.  She was sick so she didn't go to church, but Grayson was too, so swapping germs didn't see to matter.  I don't see Grayson as much since he goes to school, so I had a lot of fun hanging out with him.  He showed me how he shoots hoops and yells Kaboom!  He sang me his Bumblebee song and his made up song (Hey, You, don't you know, I forgot the words).  He says it and then waits until you laugh, and then he just dies laughing.  I, of course, laughed every time.  Cody was confused after the song, and I had to force him to laugh because Grayson was just standing there waiting.  We had dinner and did baths.  At the end of the night, Brian brought his deer head "Larry" home from his parent's house.  That kept Grayson and Harper entertained for awhile.

Cousin Couch Picture

She immediately went for some love

Poor Reese

I swear she loves me

Watching MMC on the ipad because the Cowboys were playing

Larry the deer

Tuesday night, we had dinner at our house for Carleigh's 15th birthday (a tad late!).  Harper and Grayson played all night, got chased around by Carleigh and Taylor, and had a blast.  He kept telling her not to touch "his toys".  Of course, she doesn't understand so she keeps bugging him and playing with everything he plays with.  I asked him what he was going to do for Halloween, and he said "Knock, knock.  Gimme candy."  Man, he's got it down!  Then, they took a bath and Grayson kept pouring water on his head and hers.  Harper wasn't super excited.  Afterwards, we sang happy birthday to Carleigh.  Grayson was so excited about the song until he realized it wasn't for him and he had to give the gift to Carleigh.  He put it pretty close to her but then helped her open it, of course.  Sadly, we got her some white skinnies, which looked similar to the ones she was already wearing!  We had dessert and Grayson got a marshmallow (it was 1 year OLD).  We all went to bed a little late, but it was a great night.

Reese 2 1/2 months

Grayson talking to his baby sister

Grayson pretending to tick or treat

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