Friday, November 2, 2012

Painting with Playgroup

We had another playgroup last Monday and it was a blast.  The kids all came and played while the moms sat and talked.  This time we knew they would be ok and might have spent more time talking than actually watching our kids.

We all brought pumpkins to paint for Halloween.  As a first time kids' craft with painting, I was definitely not prepared.  Lisa took over with the paint and I'm sure the kids had way more fun painting her way then mine.  The kids ended up without clothes but tons of paint, running around and having a ball.  They play so good together - it's awesome.  In the end, the kids ended up in the bathtub but the paint wasn't really coming off easily.  I guess I learned that there is a children's paint that is different from craft paint, and also washable.  

Within one minute she painted more of herself than the pumpkin, 
so we immediately stripped off clothes and had some fun

Our newbie, Phoebe, who HATES to get dirty

Katharine was very prepared

G's plate is already a mess while sweet A's is still neatly compartmentalized

Harper realizing that Lisa's group was more fun

Getting lessons in paint from Lisa

Finger painting on herself and A's pumpkin (she didn't mind)

Umm...I just laugh at this picture.  

Ok, this one is even better.  

Running around naked and crazy 

My child would not leave the paint

Where did those big, adult sized, handprints come from, Lisa?

Happy Halloween Playgroup

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