Thursday, November 29, 2012

Carrollton Fall Music Festival

Carrollton puts on a fall music festival every year that supposedly my mom used to take us kids to when we were little.  I don't remember (but I have blocked many childhood memories) but we all decided to go together this year.  

It had tons of kid stuff - bounce houses, trampolines, carnival games, arts and crafts.  Harper didn't get most of it, but Grayson had a great time.  He threw at the baseball game and football game multiple times and jumped in every bounce house he could.  Harper sat and watched him jump around, and then when time was up and all the other kids were getting out, she suddenly started jumping with a vengeance.  Grayson even did the trampoline jump.  We were a little worried because he was the smallest kid in line, but he waited patiently and then when it was his turn, he ran over so excited.  He jumped by himself a few times and then the guy started pulling on his rope so he would fly into the sky.  It was awesome.  

We had Babes for dinner, which was sooo good.  Harper stared at the deer head on the wall for a long time and Grayson decided to name him Barry (so he could be Larry's brother).  Then my parents took Grayson home and we walked around for awhile longer.  Harper sat in the fire truck and a SWAT car.  Then Cody and I listened to Mickey and the Motorcars for awhile.  It was a good night.

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