Monday, September 3, 2012

Family Night

After Kansas, we had to go pick Maggie up from my parent's house.  So we went Friday night for dinner and saw Kristen and Grayson too.  Mark taught Grayson how to roll the pool balls in the pockets when he was pretty little.  It has now become one of his favorite things to do over there.  The moment Mark walked in, Grayson said, "Play ball in hole?"  We let Harper play for a few minutes because she wants to do everything with Grayson.  But that is one game I will have to say no to.  

Harper learning to play

Crazy kid

Showing Harper how fun it is to be on the pool table

Getting in trouble for jumping instead of just standing

My Aunt Sharon had gotten both kids a gift so I brought Grayson's to him.  It was a book with the noises on the side panel.  He wasn't quite sure what to do, but he figured out how to push his favorite buttons.  

Before Kristen got there from work, we played outside with Grayson's tee-ball.  This kid is going to be serious athlete.  He loves balls in general, but is good at golf, soccer, and baseball.  He usually just hits it off the tee, but our friend Steve Cagle was over and decided to try coach pitch.  It took him a few tries to get it, but he's a pro now.  So proud of that sweet boy!

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