Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reese's 1st Week

Since it was Brian's first week of school, he had to teach his morning class each day this week.  So he would go to school and get back to the hospital around noon each day.  So I went up in the mornings to visit and let Kristen eat, shower, and rest.  

I'm just lucky that I stay home and got to see Reese so much!  I held her as much as I could and still didn't get enough of her.  She was wide awake each day from about 9-11 and then took a nice long nap.  She didn't really cry or fuss - she was pretty content to just be held.  So that is what I did!

Harper enjoying cheerios at the hospital

KK with Harper and Reese

Mimi with Harper and Reese

It was quite an eyeopener to take care of a newborn and have a toddler around.  Harper did good at the hospital-watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, ate cheerios, sat with Krissy.  But when she started pulling cords, it was time to go.  Yeesh.  The next one might have to wait...  

Sisters and Cousins

My two favorite girls 

Harper hugging Reese

The McCool's brought Grayson to the hospital on day 2 after naptime.  This time, there weren't as many people around and he was very excited to meet Reese.  He showed her his toys, gave her kisses, and loved on her bunches.  Then he played bouncy ball with his dad for about an hour, because he is a boy after all.  

Sharing his bouncy ball with Reese

First picture of a family of four


Reese Marie, you are my favorite niece ever!  I love you!

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