Thursday, September 20, 2012

Today, the devil was near, but my God was big!

Today was a day where, if it could go wrong - it did.

Harper woke up at 5am, which is much earlier than her usual 6.  So I was tired, grumpy, and felt like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Harper was in her frustrated, hold me or I'm gonna cry mode, so the morning just kept getting worse.  Cody left for work, telling me to suck it up, which of course made me even more frustrated.  Harper pooped 3 times by 9 am and I just felt tired of sitting around the house with a crying baby.  What a bad morning!

My stepmom told me about a garage sale that was advertising those cute kids cars (yellow and orange and totally Flinestones).  I grabbed Harper and we dashed out the door, super excited about getting one and having an errand to fun.  45 minutes later I was still driving and Harper had fallen asleep in the car (which means that nap time later would be a huge struggle).  I got there and the "garage sale" was tiny, had electric 4 wheelers, not plastic toy cars, and very little worth my drive.  But as mad as I was, I wanted something to show for my effort, so I bought the cheapest 4 wheeler she was selling, hoping that Harper would like it.  Fast forward 30 minutes trying to find the charger, trying to charge it, not getting charged, and just getting my money back and we were headed back home.  What a waste!

On the way home, I kept thinking how frustrated I was.  Everything was going wrong.  We were late getting home for lunch and nap.  Harper spilled her squeezie pouch in the car and a wreck caused us to have to use backroads.  Enough was enough.  I determinedly said, out loud, "The devil ruined my morning, but God can save my afternoon."  I don't know if I believed it, but I hoped that God would help just the same.

See, this morning I was reading in my new study, about how all the devil wants to do is distract you from the Truth.  In the book, Having a Mary heart in a Martha world, it's about learning how to remember that we were made to worship God in the midst of all this worldly junk.  Sometimes we get so busy, so caught up, so overwhelmed living this life, that we forget to really LIVE the way God intended.  We want to worship.  We want to pray, to read our bibles, to serve others, to meet that neighbor who doesn't go to church, to really trust in God when everything is a mess.  But somehow we forget, we get busy, we get lazy, we just don't think God is really there or really wants to hear from us.

But why do we think that?  Hasn't God shown us over and over again how much He loves us and cares for us?  It's a seed, a seed of doubt, of distraction, of discouragement. Given to us by the only one who wants to see us fail - satan.  He doesn't want us to fall apart or become worthless.  He just wants us to stop doing good.  To stop glorfying, worshiping, loving our Creator.  He wants us to live this life for ourselves instead of God.

So this morning, the devil saw that I wanted to try not to let distraction of this world take over my thoughts of spending the day worshiping Christ in all the little things I do.   And he won - this morning.  But thankfully, my God loves me and cares for me.  And HE won this afternoon.  God always wins, because He is love, and truth, and hope, and salvation.  And if we can remember that, if we can remember our purpose, our reason for being here, then we will always win with God.

This afternoon got better.  I don't have any other reason that it got better than God changed my heart, my attitude, and my world.  I wish I could say that I prayed for a long time or spend time in the word while Harper napped.  But all God needed to hear was my short cry for help.  My uttering that I didn't want the devil to win.  And he stepped in and gave me peace and rest.  What an awesome God I serve!

So next time that you have a bad day, and you will, remember who you serve and remember that God has already won war.  And hopefully God will give you peace and rest as well.

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