Friday, September 7, 2012

Hot Air Balloons next door

Living in Highland Village is nice because you get a small town feel without being far from the city.  They always have festivals, concerts, and lots of events to go to.  This year, we went to the HV Balloon Festival which is an awesome display of tons of beautiful hot air balloons.  It started at 5 so we got there early, knowing we would have to leave by 7 for Harper's bedtime.  Sadly, most of the festival was running behind, so we walked around for an hour or so and got hot, tired, and a smidge cranky.  And just as we were about to leave, the hot air balloons starting coming out and filling up.  So we stayed for a bit and watched them up close.  They are so HUGE.  One balloon was offering "rides" but there was a line 100 people long, so we said goodnight and figured that was that.

Then, Sunday morning at 8am, as we were getting ready for church, Cody saw some balloons and we went outside to watch.  All the balloons were taking flight this morning for a "race".  However, we were concerned because a few seemed extremely low to the ground.  Like, skimming houses and scraping trees low.  So we sat outside and watched a few get closer while there were a few others far off in the distance.  After a few minutes, a few neighbors were outside with us and we watched as one balloon seemingly landed on the street behind ours.  Then another landed two houses down.  Come to find out, a few balloons left from a seperate field and didn't have enough wind to get high in the air.  So they had to find a place to put down, and our street seemed as good a spot as any.  We spent the next 30 minutes watching them work on the balloon and see how it worked.  It was pretty cool.  

Our neighbor, Taylor, and Harper

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