Sunday, August 26, 2012

August Happenings

August has gone by way too fast!  I can't even recall what we really did over the past 4 weeks.  But summer has sadly come to an end and school is quickly starting (boo).  Here is a photo dump and a look at our family from August. 

First big girl crayons and coloring page from a restaurant.

Harper has a few new tricks.  She finally started waving "bye-bye" again (she wouldn't do it for awhile).  Now, she can't stop.  I even catch her waving at inanimate objects sometimes.  We have tried to teach to her wave hello, but that seems to confuse her.  She has recently started clapping and patting too (thanks to Little Einstein's).  

She has become such a girly girl.  She loves purses, necklaces, clothes, shopping, cell phones, and credit cards.  I am terrified of her teenage years!  She is constantly finding other peoples shoes and bags to carry around.  She loves to help dress herself - she can usually pull arms and legs in and out of clothes.  And she loves to sit on our bathroom counter and help me put on makeup. 

Walking around with her new backpack and a purse, ready to go!

She dressed herself.  Yes, that's underwear.  

Helping mom dust in no pants and mardi gras beads.

Her hair is so long!  We have started putting it up, it was just getting too hot this summer.  She will sit still usually so I can get it in a pony or pulled back, but she still always tries to pull it out.  Bows and clips hardly last, so I have decided to stop fighting her on those.  Her hair is growing faster in the back, so sadly she's pretty much rocking the mullet.  But she's still pretty cute.  

She is such a stinking eater!  I always call her my fat kid, because man, that girl can put some food down.  She loves food.  But she definitely knows the good stuff.  She is in love with Eggo waffles, lunchmeat, noodles and sauce, and rice.  And she always wants a snack.  Just the word snack can get her to stop crying.  She loves cheerios still, and granola bars, but will do anything for some fruit snacks.  We got off the bottle about 2 weeks ago and forced her to go to the sippy cup.  She won again, and has not touched milk in 3 weeks.  She only drinks water now, but I'm sure she'll get back on milk eventually.  Whatever the score was, add another point for Harper.  

Another "fun" thing Harper has discovered is our food.  She seriously wants whatever is on your plate. It doesn't matter if you gave her the same thing.  She wants yours, and she means business.  She repeats this grunt noise about 100 times until you give her a bite.  So usually she eats her dinner and then about half of ours.  Told you she's a fat kid.  

All the climbing!  She is everywhere!  She can get in and out of the tub (not safely), up and down the fireplace, is constantly up and down steps, under tables, and always looking for adventure.  This kid makes me nervous.  The other day, Cody was on the step ladder and he suddenly felt Harper nudging him over.  She is a little too curious.  

Still in love with the Mag dog

Summer was super hot, but we have had some rain and cooler days lately.  So we have taken to the outdoors and explored a little.  We have visited the lake a few times and let her wade in the water.  We have spent many hours just walking around the front yard.  Sadly, when we actually need to leave, it takes a long time to get her to stop exploring and follow us to the car.  But she loves the outdoors.  Her only problem is that Maggie usually has to stay inside and that makes her sad.  

At the lake

Her first time playing in the rain.  She found the spot where most of the rain ran off the roof and enjoyed running back and forth through it.  

Having Cody home for the summer was so fun.  Harper has become a big daddy's girl.  We are going to miss him a ton when he goes back to school.  We might have to go visit him at school more often.  

Here's to a great summer and a speedy school year!  :)

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