Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 Month Turkey

Harper is 10 months now and such a little turkey.  The worst part is that we totally stink at disciplining her.  She is actually cutest when she is doing something wrong.  Such a stinker.

She is just over 20 lbs but still seems petite.  We are finally officially in 9 month clothes.  Her hair is growing like weeds and sticks up all over the place.  Still only 2 teeth, but surely those others are coming soon.  She could fill the Atlantic Ocean with all the drool she produces.

Playing with a motorized bunny that runs along a path.  Either Harper or Maggie 
grabbed the bunny within seconds of me letting it go.

Learning to play the drums like Daddy

She is a mover and a shaker now and would rather play than do anything else.  She loves any of her toys that she can push and walk behind.  We are totally out of any stationary toy that requires her to just sit there.  That's for babies of course.

Showing Kara how she walks

Harper opens all the kitchen doors.  Mom closes them.  
Harper opens them.  Mom closes them.  

Her favorite thing to do now is open cabinets, drawers, etc and just mess around with non baby things.  Dumping out rice all over the floor.  Taking all the coffee cups out of the basket.  Pulling all her shirts and pants out of her dresser.  Things that most people do for fun.

Helping take everything out of her dresser.

This cabinet door makes me laugh.  She just doesn't understand why she can't fully 
open it.  So she just keeps trying.  Haha!  Such a funny bunny.

She is big in reading still.  She will listen to you read for hours as long as you go fast enough and don't make her wait on you.  But she will sit by herself and look at her books all day.  She just turns the pages, looks at all the colors, and feels all the different textures.  Her favorite book is "Little Quack loves Colors".  I'm guessing because it has these amazingly bright pictures with bold colors.  And it's short enough that I finish reading by the time she's ready to turn the page.  She really doesn't like waiting.

Her book with textures like animal fur.

Her Little Quack book

This past month, she really stopped sleeping well.  We started getting up multiple times a week for about 3 hours in the middle of the night.  And I will tell you, I'm not a good mom, wife, or person when I am up  from midnight to 3am.  So we went to the doctor and I was explaining how we thought it was her stomach or her reflux or some other ailment.  Nope.  She just wanted us and wanted to play and didn't want to sleep without us.  Awesome.  So we tried the "cry it out" method one more time...and it worked!  It only took one night and she now can put herself to sleep without any crying.  Plus, when she wakes up at midnight, she just crawls around till she finds her paci and then goes back to sleep.  Hallelujah!  What a change this has made in our lives.  We are seriously grateful.

Now that she goes to sleep on her own, she sleeps in the funniest positions.  
Here she was being a superhero.  

Harper and Maggie are still best friends.  She loves to sit in her new swing and watch Maggie catch balls.  She still lights up when her Dad gets home from school.  And she still loves her Mama more than anything.  She is a super happy little girl and we are so in love with her.  She definitely makes life good.

Best Day Ever - Rereading The Hunger Games while Cody hit balls to Maggie and Harper 
watched, on the patio during 75 degree spring weather.  I wish all days were like this.  


Maggie Love.

Loving on Pumpkin and Piper

Lookin' good in the shades (for all of .5 seconds before she pulled 
them off to chew on them).

Happy 10 months Harper Elizabeth!

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