Saturday, April 7, 2012

Windowsills are a girls' best friend!

Right now, all Harper wants to do is stand and play at the windowsill.  It's her absolute favorite place.  She stands and watches the world outside.  She bangs on the sill.  She bangs on the window.  She plays with her sweet dog.  She side steps around the bay window in her room and practices walking.  She waves at her daddy out mowing the yard.  She yells at the people passing by.  She yells at nothing.  She just loves it.  And for some reason, it's so stinking cute.  Here is our life lately, by the window.

Watching Dad Mow on Saturday morning in our PJ's

 Staring at the pouring rain and getting licked in the face by Mags of course

 Yelling at nobody in particular

Saying hi to mama 
Who wouldn't want to come home to this sweet face?

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