Sunday, April 22, 2012

Uncle Air Wick Visits

I stole this post from my sister Kristen, at One Night at McCool's.  It seemed easier than reposting the exact same thing on my own.  Thanks, Krissy!

This weekend was a total family weekend! My brother Eric came in town this weekend. I love the way Grayson says his name - "Air Wick".  Friday evening Eric came over and hung out a little bit before going to a Engagement party. Saturday we hung out all day and then went to my Mom's for dinner. Eric grilled steaks and made dinner for everyone.

Look at Harper - what a big girl pulling up on her own!

Can't get enough pictures of cousins in the bath!

Reading books in pajamas. Grayson, AJ, KK and Harper

"Helping" AJ lift a big bag

AJ and Grayson

AJ made Grayson a t-shirt quilt! I picked out all my favorite onsies and t-shirts from the first 18 months. Shirts that remind me of Grayson. I cut out all the shirts and AJ sewed everything together. I LOVE it! And I hope one day Grayson will treasure this!

Thank you Aunt AJ!

There goes Harper

Grayson, Me, Eric, AJ and Harper

Sunday we all went to lunch with my Dad, Kristi and the girls.

Harper and Eric

Harper and Pop

Taylor, AJ, Eric, Harper, Kristi, Dad, Me and Carleigh

All this little girl wants to do is walk!

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