Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jesus and Bunnies

We celebrated Harper's first Easter and we had a fabulous weekend.  We went up to Denison on Good Friday to visit Cody's family since we were off school for Easter.  We got to see almost all his relatives in one day.  We visited his Aunt and Uncle's insurance office and saw some cousins and 2nd cousins at lunchtime.  It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful, relaxing time.  Harper got to try her first time at hunting easter eggs, well, 1 egg.  If it wasn't in a 1 foot radius, it wasn't close enough. 

Playing with cousin Kelly and her sweet girls, Juliann and Tessa

First Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, we visited my dad's in Argyle and spent the evening outside because the weather was beautiful.  Harper played in the dog house with the puppies and loved it.  Cody and my sisters had an easter egg war.  We even put some bunny ears on Harper and she looked so cute!  


Hanging with Mimi and Pop

Cody and Piper the Dog VS. Carleigh and Taylor

Sunday, we went to the church I grew up in.  It was fun for them to meet Harper since they have known me since I was little.  Harper did good in the nursery but didn't nap, which was expected.  Grayson got kicked out after about 10 minutes, which was the funniest thing.  He is such a good boy, I'm sure he didn't really do anything wrong.  He just really wanted his momma, so Brian got relieved of church duty to go play with Grayson.  After church we had the egg hunt and breakfast.  Grayson did all the hunting for himself and Harper.  He enjoyed filling up his basket, emptying it out, and starting all over again.  He also liked using his easter basket as a golf club.  That boy already loves golf just like his daddy.  Later we went to my Aunt Lissa's house with the family.  It turned out to be 35 family members, 10 greatgrandkids, and 10 neighbors.  Goodness it was a lot of people.  We had a good time seeing everyone but headed out early since it was naptime.  

All in all it was a long but sweet weekend.  It was different this year to celebrate Easter now that I'm a mom.  Since Harper was born, we've prayed for her to truly know Jesus and love Him above all else.  It was nice to worship our Mighty God this year knowing that He died and rose for her too!

Happy Easter!

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