Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our First Mother's Day Together

Since it was our first Mother's Day, Harper and I decided we wanted to spend the whole day together as a family.  We slept in, till 6:30 of course, and then spent some time lounging in bed.  Harper isn't 100% good at just lounging in the morning, she definitely thinks it's playtime.  But that was one of our favorite things to do pre-baby.  So it was nice for Cody and I nonetheless.

We had a big breakfast and enjoyed a relaxing morning.  We then went and ran a few errands and stopped at IKEA to get ideas for the house (we are repainting!).  It was a wonderful, easy going, beautiful day.  I have enjoyed being a mom so far.  Definitely one the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done.

The day before we celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and stepmom.  We had brunch with my mom in Addison while the kiddos played outside.  Then, we had dinner at our house with my stepmom and sisters.  It was a great weekend, our first "holiday" that wasn't too crazy.  Such a nice change!

Brunch with my Mom 

Harper and Grayson playing on the playground

The McCools (My sister is 24 weeks pregnant here and she's so skinny!)

Dinner with my stepmom

Waiting for Carleigh to arrive

Pushing Harper in her swing

Uncle Brian laying down the law

Grayson and Pop playing with his new ball that his Aunties got him

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