Saturday, April 7, 2012

Learning to self feed = Messy face and happy dog

Harper is now fully into solid foods.  She gets fruits, veggies, and a protein or carb for every meal.  She loves to eat but has definitely learned a thing or two.  She knows that green foods aren't as good as yellow foods (veggies vs. fruits).  She also has her mama's love of carbohydrates.  But all in all, she's a great eater.   Maggie also likes that she feeds herself as she gets way more snacks.  They even work together to get more food for Maggie.  Harper actually grabs food and leans over and lets Maggie eat out of her hand.  Such a toot!  Here are my favorite shots of her first few tries at eating on her own.

First self fed meal with black beans

 First meal wanting to use silverware - The spots all over her face are avocado.

 Learning that she needs to eat naked or change clothes after every meal

Here we learned a big lesson in teething biscuits.  We had heard they were messy, but could never have imagined.  I will say, it kept her happy for quite a while.  But we definitely picked her up out of her highchair and went straight into the bath - clothes and all!  What a fun story these pictures tell of how is gets exponentially worse as she keeps eating!

All in all, it's a fun new world we are living in!

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